Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hai peene kaa mausam

Shahrukh khan, is king of romance. Ranbir is an upcoming face of romantic movies. But hold it! There is this one guy who owns all bollywood’s most romantic songs. That is none other than our serial kisser – Emraan Hashmi. He started his reign of romantic songs (after Dev Anand ofcourse) with his song ‘Bheege Honth Tere’ – the song which every person wants to sing for his partner. It introduced Kunal Ganjawala’s melodious voice. Later Emraan became trademark for introducing a lot of voices and making them popular (including Mr Nasal – Himesh Reshammiya) . ‘Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein’, ‘Tu Hee Meri Shab’, ‘Aap Ki Kashish’, ‘Judaa hoke bhi’ and the list goes on. (courtesy Mr Mahesh Bhatt mostly)
With his bad boy image and quite average looks he is never quite popular. But somehow in past 6 years no actor is awarded this stupendous number of romantic songs, the songs that can take any person in a dreamworld. The latest addition to his list is a song from movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai – 'Peeloon’. The song has a stanza ‘Hai peene kaa mausam’ the most appropriate for Baarish Kaa Mausam especially in Mumbai. Last night I was listening to this song in my balcony, when it was raining heavily outside and winds were stealing some dribs from rain for me. I fell in love with this song. When I went to sleep I was wondering how this song would look in movie with Emraan in it. But I was never able to picture Emraan. All I was able to see was myself in my dreamworld. Well this is what Emraan’s song minus Emraan does to you.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Romantic trip from Mumbai to Surat

Thank God its Friday!! This is one of the common feeling associated with the day. Well my regular norm for the day is to rush to catch a train to Surat. I reached borivali station thinking about the astronomical amount to be paid to Autowalla after recent hike in rates. I waited for train for around an hour reading my favorite mills and boons. Climate was warm and I was wondering if I should have booked an A/C ticket. Train arrived and I sat at window seat and resumed reading the novel. After around half an hour of journey train was out of city when cool gush of wind interrupted me and I raised my eyes from book to have a glimpse outside window. To my amazement rain god had painted entire landscape in shades of green. There were signs of new life almost everywhere. The trees looked clean and washed in darker shade of green. The usually fallow brown land was covered with bright shade of green making it look like some exotic carpet. There were small water bodies surrounded by green land making a romantic picture. In midst of these natural views there were little signs of human civilization in form of beautiful independent houses whose fences were covered by creepers making them just picture perfect dream homes. There were paddy fields divided in neat blocks and filled with water and small shoots springing out of it. I looked farther and was just filled with awe to find the mountains covered with trees enveloped in fog making the whole scene heavenly. I kept enjoying this scene for quite a while with a smile on my face holding a cup of tea. Soon sun started to retire for day, whole sky was covered in orange hue and turned everything in sight to golden. After a while sun set and my train reached Surat. I disembarked the train, smile still lingering on my lips, wondering what I would have missed if I had booked an A/C ticket.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tip for smooth hair - hair care

Lets us put some facts together about hair:
1. Anything you apply on head, doesnt go to the roots of hair for nourishment.
2. Only way you can nourish your hair is by taking proper food
3. Hair is not a useful organ from perspective of body(ofcourse from our perspective it is an important beauty organ). So when you are on extreme diet or under nourished, you will tend to lose hair.
4. If you are prescribed some vitamin tablets by doctor, just check what vitamins are they. Most of the vitamins are fat soluble so taking them orally will not necessary guarantee it to be absorbed by the body.

For achieving smooth hair, massage is one of the best techniques
It improves blood circulation in head and promotes health of hair
One more way to improve blood circulation in head is by combing hair
Comb your hair from roots for 5 minutes, 3 times a day
In a weeks time you will feel definite softening of your hair.

So no more bad hair day for anyone

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Migraine - cure

Migraine is one of the most dreadful condition that a lot of people suffer from. It is characterised by severe pain in a particular part of head or half head. It has several other symptoms like nausea, dizzyness and a lot more.
All people who have suffered from migraine would have noticed that your migraine condition severed when your lifestyle shifted to a more relaxed and sedentary life. Well there are two major reasons for migraine condition
i) Stiffness of neck muscles.
ii) Posture - the shape of spinal cord - when bent at the neck area makes the nerves and blood cells in that area contracted.
One of the best ways to gain the posture back in right shape and to reduce muscle stiffness is Swimming. The free style swimming hand and neck movements, exercises the muscles in neck area and also assists the posture restoration. Swimming in right way is important. You can refer to the swimming lessons posted on internet (youtube: or get trained under professional trainer.
The key swimming movements are head movements for breathing.
Arm stroke 1. When stroking left arm, turn your head towards left, try to align it with shoulders, just enough to breath-in air. Keep your lips in a position like blowing whistle and breath-in with mouth.
Arm stroke 2. When stroking right arm keep your head down under water and blow air out of mouth and nose
Arm stroke 3. When stroking left arm keep your head down under water and blow air out of mouth and nose
Arm stroke 4. When stroking right arm, turn your head towards right, try to align it with shoulders, just enough to breath-in air. Keep your lips in a position like blowing whistle and breath-in with mouth
Repeat these strokes.
You will see positive result in 4 weeks time.

Wish you all a cheerful head :)