Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hai peene kaa mausam

Shahrukh khan, is king of romance. Ranbir is an upcoming face of romantic movies. But hold it! There is this one guy who owns all bollywood’s most romantic songs. That is none other than our serial kisser – Emraan Hashmi. He started his reign of romantic songs (after Dev Anand ofcourse) with his song ‘Bheege Honth Tere’ – the song which every person wants to sing for his partner. It introduced Kunal Ganjawala’s melodious voice. Later Emraan became trademark for introducing a lot of voices and making them popular (including Mr Nasal – Himesh Reshammiya) . ‘Woh Lamhe Woh Baatein’, ‘Tu Hee Meri Shab’, ‘Aap Ki Kashish’, ‘Judaa hoke bhi’ and the list goes on. (courtesy Mr Mahesh Bhatt mostly)
With his bad boy image and quite average looks he is never quite popular. But somehow in past 6 years no actor is awarded this stupendous number of romantic songs, the songs that can take any person in a dreamworld. The latest addition to his list is a song from movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai – 'Peeloon’. The song has a stanza ‘Hai peene kaa mausam’ the most appropriate for Baarish Kaa Mausam especially in Mumbai. Last night I was listening to this song in my balcony, when it was raining heavily outside and winds were stealing some dribs from rain for me. I fell in love with this song. When I went to sleep I was wondering how this song would look in movie with Emraan in it. But I was never able to picture Emraan. All I was able to see was myself in my dreamworld. Well this is what Emraan’s song minus Emraan does to you.

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  1. Nice post..I think this would be the only post dedicated to Emraan on internet :P